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Celebrating 50 Years of Teaching

NSU University School faculty member, Arnold Miller

NSU University School faculty member, Arnold Miller

With 50 years of teaching experience, NSU University School faculty member, Arnold Miller has embarked on a journey many have only imagined. Born and raised in New York, Miller always knew his calling was to teach. As an adolescent, he was active in boy scouts and enjoyed teaching Indian lore and related subjects. He had also envisioned becoming a professional musician. At age 17, Miller learned to play bass, and has since performed in many symphony orchestras, bands, taught master bass lessons, and is most recently looking forward to playing the bass in the orchestra of the Upper School show, “Fiddler on the Roof.”

Miller spent 32 years teaching in New York before moving to Florida. After studying biology in undergraduate school and microbiology in graduate school, he became a science teacher. Miller taught biological sciences and college level courses at secondary schools in New York City and Long Island, became an adjunct professor at Cornell School of Industrial Labor and Relations, participated in cancer research at Waldemar Medical Research Laboratory on Long Island, and also conducted microbiology research at St. John’s University.

Miller has written seven books, including laboratory manuals in the fields of biology, marine biology, science research, forensic science, and microbiology. Furthermore, he has been a consultant to several book companies and has mentored many student-teachers and teachers from different colleges.

Miller has received many honors and awards throughout his career, including nomination into the nation’s Teacher Hall of Fame. He was honored by St. John’s University for having the most science fair winners in Long Island.

Miller has been teaching at NSU University School for 11 years and currently teaches Microbiology, Forensic Science, Marine Science, and is the Science Research Coordinator. As the Science Research Coordinator, Miller has enjoyed sharing much of his expertise with students and faculty.

With a passion to teach others, he wakes up inspired and gets to work at 5:00 a.m. every day. The early morning hours allow him to prepare for lab activities and lessons. “The best part about my job is seeing the students’ smiles, showing that they really enjoy what they’re learning. The best part about working at USchool is the college atmosphere. Students have access to college resources and facilities like the Oceanographic Center,” said Miller.

One of his favorite courses to teach is the Forensic Science course, in which students study techniques of evidence collection, preservation, analysis, reporting and testimony. Students learn hair and fiber analysis, blood spatter analysis, fingerprinting, bite mark analysis, gunshot residue testing, forensic geology, impression techniques, and drug and poison analysis.

“I hope to continue inspiring students to pursue their dreams. They must truly be passionate about going into a field, whichever it may be, but they must wake up feeling inspired every day,” said Miller.